School-Based Team

A School Based Team (SBT) is a group of professionals who work as a collaborative group in the school.

A school-based team is an on-going team of school-based personnel which has a formal role to play as a problem-solving unit in assisting classroom teachers to develop and implement instructional and/or management strategies and to coordinate support resources for students with exceptionalities within the school.

Upon the request of the referring teacher or parent, it provides support through extended consultation on possible classroom strategies, and may become a central focus for case management, referrals and resource decisions. It should appoint a case manager, identify the need for additional services and/or initiate referrals to access other school, district, community or regional services. The school-based team can also initiate or facilitate inter-ministerial planning and service delivery.

The school-based team includes a small group of regular members, usually but not always, including a school principal or vice-principal, a learning support teacher, a classroom teacher, and a counsellor. On a case-by-case basis as needed to plan for individual students, the team should also include the student’s referring teacher, and involve the parent, the student, and, as appropriate, district resource staff, and representatives from community services, regional authorities, or from other ministries.

Student Support Plan