Parent Information


Partner in Your Child’s Education

There is a strong body of evidence connecting parent/guardian engagement to improved academic achievement for students of all ages. From early literacy, to attendance and motivation, and retention and graduation... Read more

Service Delivery

Students are at the heart of our service delivery. GVSD’s priority is to create an inclusive and culturally responsive learning environment that equitably supports and appropriately challenges all students in... Read more

Individual Education Plan (IEP)

An Individual Education Plan provides a framework that builds on your child's strengths to support their learning needs. It also serves as a record of their progress.  A case manager coordinates... Read more

Assessment and Planning

The assessment process starts in the classroom with your child’s classroom teacher administering, gathering and synthesizing information from a variety of sources to develop a learning profile for your child.... Read more

Medical Information

Island Health Nursing Support Services (NSS) assists parents and caregivers with children who have special health care needs. They facilitate safe, consistent care and appropriate health supports. NSS is delivered... Read more


Throughout their K-12 journey students will transition a number of times. This includes starting school, moving from class to class, from grade to grade, changing schools or school districts, and... Read more


Our goal is to provide effective, safe, efficient and reliable transportation services for our students at no cost to families. For Transportation support for your child for this school year, please... Read more

Hospital Homebound

We offer Homebound Support for students with medically fragile conditions, whose absence from school is expected to be longer than 10 days.  A Homebound teacher would support your child for a... Read more